Voices of Cincinnati State | Voices of LGBTQ

02/19/2020 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Conference Center (Room 342)

Voices of Cincinnati State is a new speaker series featuring members of the Cincinnati State community.

The first presentation, "Voices of LGBTQ," is a moderated panel discussion with three students who will share stories about unique aspects of their identity.

Professor Zach Litton, the facilitator for the Voices of Cincinnati State series, said the goal is to showcase the diverse nature of our College community.

Two more presentations are planned for Spring semester, with "Voices of Autism" on Mar. 19 and "Voices of Recovery" on Apr. 16.

Voices of Cincinnati State is seeking student, faculty, and staff volunteers to join the speaker series during the 2020-21 academic year.

Speakers can tell their stories "on their own" and then take follow-up questions from a moderator, or conduct the entire session in moderated question-and-answer format.

"We will accomodate each speaker's comfort level," Zach said.

Volunteers also are welcome to serve as moderators/interviewers for future Voices of Cincinnati State sessions.

If you'd like to participate, but aren't sure what you might talk about, Zach suggests these starting points:

  • Survivor stories:
    • Have you ever survived a difficult or dangerous experience?
    • What are your "secret survival strategies"? How have they affected your life?
    • Who are your heroes, and are they survivors?
  • Close Encounters stories:
    • Have you ever had a weird encounter with a stranger that changed your life?
    • Can you tell a story about a time that you experienced something spooky/frightening/paranormal?
  • Trailblazer stories:
    • Have you ever had a change of course (personally or professionally)? What did you learn from this experience?
    • Can you tell a story about an act of rebellion that shaped your life or the lives of others?
    • How did you start doing something you love? How has this affected your life?

If you have questions, ideas, or would like to volunteer as a future Voices of Cincinnati State speaker or moderator, please contact Zach (zachary.litton@cincinnatistate.edu).

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