WednesdayApril 7, 2021

Tammie Larkins is the new Director of C-State Accelerate

Tammie Larkins has been selected as the Director of C-State Accelerate, the College's student support and success program that will re-launch in Fall 2021.

In her five years as an Admission Representative for Cincinnati State, Tammie heard hundreds of prospective students express concerns about their ability to succeed in college.

Now, as director of C-State Accelerate, she believes the program can be an effective ally in addressing those concerns.

"Any of us who talk to students who might have doubts about coming to Cincinnati State can now tell these students the C-State Accelerate program can help them overcome the barriers they may face, and help propel their success once they enroll," Tammie said.

C-State Accelerate will re-launch in Fall 2021 thanks to a fund-raising effort that included a lead gift of $750,000 by Fifth Third Bank. (See the Daily News article published Mar. 26.)

  • The C-State Accelerate program is designed to improve retention and graduation rates for students who are Pell-grant eligible.
  • Participants receive integrated academic, personal, and financial support, and must attend full-time to participate in the program.

"C-State Accelerate is a way for us to make good on our strategic and completion plans," said Geoff Woolf, Dean of Humanities & Sciences.

"We know that students who attend full-time have a better chance to graduate," Geoff said. "C-State Accelerate connects students with resources inside and outside the College, so they can remove obstacles and become successful full-time students."

"C-State Accelerate is a one-stop program where students will get what they need, and a safe haven where they can get their questions and concerns addressed," said Soni Hill, Senior Director of Student Success & Development.

  • C-State Accelerate is modeled on a program developed by The City University of New York (CUNY), called ASAP. Cincinnati State tested the concept from 2015 to 2018 as part of a grant-funded statewide study conducted by a national research organization, MDRC.
  • As reported in the Chronicle of Higher Education and other publications, C-State Accelerate produced impressive results during the three-year study. This record of success propelled a fund-raising effort to re-start the program as a key initiative of the College's $15 million, 50th Anniversary campaign.
  • The College is about two-thirds of the way toward its $3 million goal for funding C-State Accelerate, but far enough along to begin recruiting the first class of 200 C-State Accelerate scholars for Fall 2021.

Tammie said, "I'm excited for our students and the opportunity to advance this work."

"I'm also looking forward to working together with our faculty and academic administrators to make C-State Accelerate a success," she added.

Tammie earned an associate's degree in Early Childhood Education at Cincinnati State, followed by a bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education from Northern Kentucky University, and a master’s in Education from Strayer University.

You can reach her at or by phone/text at (513) 207-4497.

(Article provided by Richard Curtis, Cincinnati State Interim Media/Communications Coordinator)

"Surge Purge" for Main Building is Apr. 20-23

In preparation for the reopening of the Main Building on Clifton Campus, "Surge Purge for Main" Days will take place from Tuesday, Apr. 20, through Friday, Apr. 23.

The "Surge Purge" is a time to get rid of varieties of clutter, waste, junk, and other messy stuff that has accumulated in Main Building offices, classrooms, labs, or other work spaces and prepare for a fresh start return to Main in Summer Semester.

The College has made arrangements with multiple companies that can dispose of the following items/materials:

  • Furniture
  • Food
  • E-waste (computers, electronic devices, monitors, keyboards, light bulbs, batteries, and other electronics)
  • Confidential and non-confidential paper products
    • If you're uncertain which paper documents need to be retained, refer to the College Operations Manual, Section 11. The Operations Manual is available from the College intranet, in the section "Manuals and Documents."
  • Recyclable materials (including books)
  • Other non-hazardous debris
    • A disposal day for hazardous waste in Main will be scheduled in the future.

This clean up is for Main Bldg. waste only, so please don't bring in clutter that may be accumulating in your work-at-home office.

  • Clean-up days will be scheduled in the future for the HPB and ATLC buildings on Clifton Campus and for the other CState locations.

The Surge Purge schedule is:

  • Tuesday, Apr. 20 and Wednesday, Apr. 21 - 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. - Employees with Main Bldg. offices/classrooms/labs for:
    • EIT and H&S Divisions
    • Finance
    • Library
    • Public Safety/Police
  • Thursday, Apr. 22 and Friday, Apr. 23 - 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. - Employees with Main Bldg. offices/classrooms/labs for:
    • BTD and HPS Divisions
    • College Access Programs
    • Facilities
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing
  • Friday, Apr. 23 - 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. - Anyone with Main Bldg. offices/classrooms/labs who could not participate earlier in the week

For those planning to visit Main Building on Surge Purge days, guidelines and reminders include:

  • Parking for Main is limited to portions of Lot D as well as Lot A, and the only entrances to Main are via the doors from Lot D parking into the A and B Wings.
    • The portion of Lot D near the Dock, between A and B Wings, will be used for disposal containers and will not be accessible to vehicles.
    • College Drive will be closed in front of Main (no left turn allowed at the top of College Drive; you must continue into Lot D).
  • Masks are required and social distancing (6 feet whenever possible) protocols remain in effect. Frequent hand-washing is recommended.
    • Masks and latex gloves will be available from the Distribution Center (Mail Room) near the Dock.
    • If you think other cleaning supplies such as wipes will be needed, ask your division/department to request supplies via eForm.
  • All offices, classrooms, labs, and other work areas in Main are in process of being cleaned by the Facilities Department. The completion date for all cleaning is May 1, so it's possible your space may not have been "deep cleaned" prior to your designated Surge Purge day.
  • Elevators in Main are in working order. Bathrooms in Main will be cleaned and sanitized regularly before and during Surge Purge days.

On the "purge" days, disposal containers will be placed near the Main Building Dock, in the parking area between the A and B wings.

  • Dumpsters will be designated for various types of waste.
  • Carts and dollies will be available near the Dock to pick up, load up with items from other parts of Main, and then bring back to the Dock area. (Some carts are on loan from a company assisting with waste disposal, and will need to be checked out before you take them to your division/department.)
  • Members of the Facilities staff will be on hand to take items brought to the Dock out to the dumpsters.

If you have a large amount of waste and/or large items to remove and need assistance, please contact Facilities at (513) 569-1559 prior to the waste disposal days. Provide a description of items to be disposed of and the location of the items.

Applications for DE&I Council due Apr. 7

Faculty and staff members who are interested in joining the College's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Council are reminded to complete the DE&I Membership Interest eForm by end-of-day on Wednesday, Apr. 7.

The formation of a College DE&I Council is one of the initiatives in the Cincinnati State Strategic Plan 2025.

The work of the DE&I Council work will support implementation of the College’s equity value statement as a foundational principle across all components of the 2025 Strategic Plan.

The College's Equity Value Statement is: We believe in contributing to a socially and economically equitable society. We honor the diversity and inclusiveness of our College community and strive to hear all voices.

The initial tasks of the DE&I Council include:

  • develop a Board of Trustees-approved statement of Institutional commitment to DE&I
  • develop an institutional DE&I Plan
  • pursue opportunities for enhanced communications related to DE&I
  • identify implementation strategies and milestones

For more information about the DE&I Council's purpose and the process for forming the Council, see the Daily News article published Mar. 31. (You might have to scroll to see the link to the article.)

Dr. Carol Morman shared research at Community College Baccalaureate Association Conference

Dr. Carol Morman, Program Chair for the Land Surveying bachelor's degree at Cincinnati State, delivered a presentation at the 2021 National Community College Baccalaureate Association Conference on Mar. 23. The conference took place in virtual format.

Carol received her Doctor of Education degree from Northern Kentucky University in December 2020.

Carol's conference presentation, "Transitioning to a Community College Applied Baccalaureate Degree: Expectations for Change and Perceptions of Quality, Academic Rigor, and Purpose," presented the results of her doctoral research.

The goal of the research was to examine industry attitudes toward graduates of a bachelor of applied science program offered by a community college, and determine if these graduates would attain the same pay and career opportunities as graduates from a comparable university program.

Carol surveyed 143 potential employers of Land Surveying graduates, giving them opportunities to view the curriculum for Cincinnati State's Land Surveying bachelor's degree and then answer questions about attitudes and expectations.

  • Over 90% of respondents said that with all other qualifications equivalent, the graduate of the community college applied bachelor's program should earn the same starting compensation and have the same opportunities for career advancement as a graduate of a university program in the same major.
  • Over 80% said the community college graduate would be comparably qualified for a starting position and nearly 95% said they expected the performance levels of the community college bachelor's degree graduates to be the same or stronger than a university graduate's levels.
  • About 65% said they felt the community college graduate would be academically comparable to the university graduate, and over 70% said they perceived the community college program as equal to or more rigorous than a university program in the same major.

Carol said her review of previously-published literature showed uncertainty in industry support for community college bachelor's degree graduates, but her own research study demonstrated strong industry support for the Land Surveying bachelor of applied science degree at Cincinnati State.

She concluded, "Based on the results of this study, there is a real possibility to change higher education in the United States with the adoption and acceptance of the community college applied baccalaureate degree by academia and politicians."

"This would open doors for place-bound students, provide equity in higher education attainment, and meet unmet workforce needs," Carol added.

CState Library offers end-of-semester research help for students

Students seeking assistance with end-of-semester research assignments can get help from Cincinnati State's librarians.

  • Library Workshops are offered via Zoom every Tuesday and  Thursday at 10 a.m. and at 6 p.m.
    • Each 30-minute session starts with a brief demonstration of how to find academic articles using the Library's databases, and concludes with open lab time so students can work on finding sources while a librarian is on hand to help.
    • Workshop session descriptions and connection instructions are listed on the Library Workshops Calendar at
    • Library Workshops are open to everyone and pre-registration is not required.

Other help for students includes:

  • Individual Research Appointments with a librarian are available Monday through Friday via Zoom. Sign-up is easy at
  • Help via Instant Message/Chat is available during the Library's Virtual Help Hours, Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Free transportation to vaccine appointments on "GetOutTheVax" weekends

The Health Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati has announced that free transportation to COVID-19 vaccine appointments is available on the 2nd and 4th weekends of April and May, designated as "Get Out The Vax" weekends.

  • Transport services are available for anyone who needs them.
  • During "Get Out The Vax" weekends, bus rides are free, courtesy of Metro and TANK.
  • Those not on a bus line may contact United Way of Greater Cincinnati 211 for ride assistance through Lyft.

For details on locations where vaccine appointments can be scheduled, visit

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