FridaySeptember 18, 2020

Environmental students went fishing for water quality knowledge

Students in the Environmental Engineering Technology class EVT 230, Treatment Technologies, didn't let the challenges of Fall semester get in the way of an important lab experience-- assessing water quality by conducting an electrofishing survey of fish populations.

Professor Ann Gunkel, the course instructor, explained, "The more diversity of species present in the river, the healthier the ecosystem."

"If species start to disappear, it could be an indication that industries are not properly treating their wastewater that discharges into the river," Ann said.

The electrofishing activity took place on Sep. 6 at the Thomas More University Ohio River Biology Field Station, located on the Ohio River near California, Kentucky, on Route 8/Mary Ingalls Highway.

Electrofishing "stuns" the fish so they can be caught and examined, and then returned to the water with no permanent harm.

Photos below show more of the electrofishing experiences, along with some glimpses of the environmental students collecting water and sediment samples to analyze for contaminants.

The class also visited a constructed wetland at the Field Biology Station that treats on-site sewage using natural processes.

(Photos provided by Dr. Ann Gunkel)

Please don't walk or drive near Main Building (updated)

To assist with the recovery and restoration efforts for the Main Building, vehicle and pedestrian traffic near Main is restricted, and much of College Drive will remain inaccessible while work continues.

  • Heavy equipment has been placed on College Drive, including a 500-ton chiller, a large generator, a small crane, and several dumpsters in use for removal of hazardous materials and other debris.
  • Parking Lot D is open but employee parking is limited. Starting Sep. 17, additional parking spaces were blocked to accommodate excavation around the areas of the water line break.
  • The portion of Lot D behind B-Wing (leading to HPB and the "turn-around") is closed to vehicle traffic due to ongoing use of generators, as well as removal of debris and hazardous material. Pedestrians should avoid entering this area.

The College Police Department, the Facilities Department, and others charged with safely continuing the efforts to restore the Main Building appreciate your cooperation.

Ludlow Garage is open

Ludlow Garage is now open (with free parking) for students, faculty, and staff.

Also, all entrances to the Health Professions Building are now open during business hours on Clifton Campus.

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