FridayJuly 10, 2020

Ohio governor issues COVID-19 "responsible restart" guidelines for higher education

On Thursday, July 9, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced new "Responsible Restart Ohio" guidelines for all public and private higher education institutions in the State.

Click below to download the guidelines:

Governor DeWine said he has asked state legislators to support action that will allocate to higher education institutions $200 million in federal CARES Act money that was provided to the state.

The new funding will help defray costs associated with reopening colleges and universities.

Daily News does not have information at this time about Cincinnati State's portion of the new funding.

A statement from Ohio Association of Community Colleges CEO Jack Hershey said, "Ohio's community colleges are grateful for the leadership that Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has shown in helping navigate Ohio through these difficult times."

"With these new resources, Ohio's community colleges will be able to help defray costs related to the pandemic and return to what we have historically done for millions of students and employers-- prepare them to thrive."

Virtual education conferences are open to all

Many organizations are continuing to offer programs that may be of interest to Cincinnati State faculty and other members of the College community.

On July 13 and 14, Arizona State University is hosting "REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit."

This free virtual conference offers over 80 focused, short presentations with live Q&A that will:

  • Support individual faculty members preparing for a complex return to classes for Fall 2020
  • Give examples of tools and techniques to make the most of online and hybrid teaching
  • Share best practices by discipline

Click here to learn more and to register. Registrants will have access to the recorded conference sessions through the end of 2020.

From July 29-31, Course Hero, a company that provides resources and support for higher education students and faculty, is offering free access to portions of their Education Summit.

  • The event will "convene university leaders, instructors, learners, epidemiologists, virologists, social scientists, political activists, and more, to unpack the uncertainty and possibility of our new normal—and explore actionable ways forward."

Click here to learn more and to register. Registrants will receive supporting materials and will have on-demand access to the webinars for a year.

Campus invader captured

Health & Public Safety Division wildlife explorers Tina Cisle and Tom Cholmondeley (pronounced "Chumley") recently encountered and captured the invader seen above, while it was traveling through the second floor of the Health Professions Building. 

Biologist Tom said, "The poor thing was skinny and probably glad that I set it free outside."

Tom identified the visitor as a Podarcis muralis, also known as the European Wall Lizard, and known throughout Greater Cincinnati as a Lazarus Lizard. 

  • According to many sources, these lizards were first released in Cincinnati's Hyde Park neighborhood in Sept. 1951, by the stepson of Fred Lazarus III-- 12-year-old George Rau-- who brought home a few specimens after a family vacation in Northern Italy.
  • The species has since multiplied and made a home in numerous Greater Cincinnati communities, where they emerge each year along with warm summer weather.

For additional information on the Lazarus Lizard phenomenon, read the Cincinnati Enquirer article, "They came from Italy. Now, they outnumber us all."

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