FridayMarch 20, 2020

Students received guide to remote CState services

On Mar. 19, 2020, around 5:30 p.m., all Cincinnati State students received the email message below from Provost Robbin Hoopes:

Dear Cincinnati State Student,

I know you have a lot to deal with right now, so I'll keep this short: Cincinnati State wants to do all we can to help you successfully complete your Spring Semester classes.

Starting this Monday, you can access all College support services (Registration, Financial Aid, Tutoring, Advising, etc.) remotely.

For each of your courses, your instructor should have contacted you about how your class will continue using remote delivery.

If they have not, or if you have other concerns, send a message to

  • Please include the course name, number and section.
  • I will be reading your messages, and will get back to you.

College faculty members, and all of our student services, are here to help you successfully complete your classes and stay on track.


Robbin Hoopes

Robbin Hoopes, C.I., M.A., J.D.

College Operations Plan & Employee Guidance is published

The following message from Dr. Lawra Baumann, Cincinnati State Vice President of Administration, was distributed to Cincinnati State employees via email on Mar. 20, 2020, about 11 a.m. (An incorrect phone number in the original version was updated below on Mar. 21, at 3:45 p.m.)

The message is reprinted here in case you missed it:

COVID-19 Pandemic Operations Plan - Employee Guidance and Terms of Employment

Per Governor DeWine’s Executive Order 2020-01D related to precautions to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, as well guidance from the U.S. Center for Disease Control, and local authorities, Cincinnati State continues to develop policy and processes consistent with the College’s priorities to:

  1. ensure the health and well-being of our students and employees, and the community by minimizing activities that require group gatherings; and
  2. ensure that all of our students can continue to achieve their academic goals with minimal disruption.

Per direction of President Monica J. Posey, as of March 23, 2020, Cincinnati State core business operations and student instruction will transition to remote delivery to the greatest extent possible.

Access to Campuses

The Clifton Campus will be open to students and faculty to access computers and technology for distance learning. Students may use the Computer Lab in ATLC 316.

The Clifton Campus will be open:

  • Monday – Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Friday 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

  The Clifton Campus will also continue to staff critical services such as public safety, finance, facility operations, and IT.

  All student services and student business services will be delivered remotely only.

Access to Clifton Campus will be permitted during the hours above only via the following building entrances:

  • Main Building Loading Dock in Parking Lot D
  • Main Building west entrance near Human Resources
  • Main Building handicapped accessible entrance near Testing Center
  • ATLC Building east entrance near Main Building
  • HPB sliding door entrance from Parking Lot D (handicapped accessible)

The Middletown Campus will be open to students to access computers for distance learning only on Monday through Thursday, noon – 6 p.m.

The Harrison and WDC locations are not accessible unless approved in advance by Campus Police (513-569-1558). [phone number was corrected on Mar. 21, at 3:45 p.m.]

  • The Cincinnati West Airport remains open and operating as usual, per Federal Aviation Agency regulations.

Employee Guidelines

Employees will be provided remote and/or variable work assignments based on job duties and the need to maintain critical services in support of virtual operations.

During this time, employees will be expected to consent and adhere to the following operational protocols as an ongoing condition of employment and continued compensation:

  • Check email and phone messages daily.
  • Complete work assignments daily.
  • Check email, the College website, and Cincinnati State Daily News to stay informed of changes in College operations related to the pandemic situation.
  • Respond to inquiries from your supervisor and colleagues in a timely fashion.
  • Attend staff meetings as scheduled virtually by your supervisor.
  • Report to campus location if needed and permitted under pandemic conditions.
  • Submit timesheets on time for each pay period. (All overtime must be approved in advance by your supervisor.)
  • Submit leave requests as may be needed for vacation, sick time or personal time.
  • Inform your supervisor if you exhibit flu-like symptoms.
    • Employees absent for flu-like sickness will be required to provide a doctor’s authorization to return to work.
    • Notify your supervisor if your household becomes subject to quarantine.
  • Complete continuing education and/or training that may be assigned. (Notify your supervisor if you need computer access in order to do so.)
  • Confirm that any remote work location is, to the best of employee’s knowledge, free of recognized hazards that would cause physical harm such as:
    • no frayed or loose electrical wires
    • clean, dry and level floor surfaces
    • properly secured electrical cords
    • etc.
  • Agree to maintain safe work conditions at any off-site workspace and to practice the same safety habits as required on College premises.
  • Report immediately to your supervisor and Human Resources any injuries suffered arising out of and in the course of performing official duties at a remote work location during set work hours.
  • Apply approved safeguards to protect College records from unauthorized disclosure or damage and comply with public record requirements:
    • Work done at a remote work site is considered official State business.
    • All records, papers, and correspondence must be safeguarded for their return to the College location.
    • Release or destruction of any records shall only be done at the College location according to appropriate regulations.
    • Computerized files are considered official records and shall be similarly protected in accordance with College data security policies and procedures.
    • Restricted access material may not be taken to a remote work location without the written consent of your supervisor.
  • Safeguard and return all College property such as cell phones, computers, headphones, etc. upon the conclusion of the remote assignment.

About Daily News

The Daily News Editor is aware that portions of our page should be modified to better reflect the current state of College operations.

For technical reasons, it's not easy to modify the visual display of Daily News.

Please be patient as we work on atempts to modify the page display. (It's possible it won't change much from what you see now.)

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