WednesdayJanuary 22, 2020

Training & Info Sessions for Multiple Measures Placement begin in February

Starting in February 2020, the College will phase out use of Accuplacer placement tests in Math and English as a requirement for admission to Cincinnati State.

Instead of requiring Accuplacer Math and English tests for admission, the College will implement Multiple Measures Placement methods.

  • Multiple Measures Placement incorporates a variety of criteria for assessment and placement.
  • These criteria may include high school transcripts, grades earned in previous coursework, results of attitude surveys, or other data.

During Common Time on Monday, Feb. 10, Dean Geoffrey Woolf and Department Chairs for English, Math, and First Year Experience (FYE) will present an “Introduction to Multiple Measures Placement” for the College community.

Multiple Measures Placement Training Sessions for Advisors and Program and Department Chairs will be offered on the days/times below.

All training sessions take place in ATLC 313.

  • Thursday, Feb. 6:  10 to 11 a.m., 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and 1 to 2 p.m.
  • Friday, Feb. 7:  11 a.m. to noon, and 2 to 3 p.m.

Dean Woolf, who is leading the College's Multiple Measures Placement initiative, said Multiple Measures Placement assists students by removing a roadblock to getting started in college.

“Research shows that test scores are not a good predictor of student success in college," Geoff said. "Using indicators like high school grades is more likely to help place students in the correct first English, Math, or FYE class.”

Geoff added that colleges in several other states, including Alaska, California, and North Carolina, have successfully used Multiple Measures Placement to close achievement gaps among students and provide improved equity and inclusion.

"The Provost of Sinclair Community College credits the Multiple Measures approach for a significant increase in graduation rates among African American male students," Geoff said.

Geoff said students will still complete the Math Accuplacer assessment, after admission, because the College needs to report data to the State to meet some subsidy requirements.

Completing the Math assessment will be integrated into course activities for First Year Experience classes.

Enrollment continues trending upward

As of the first day of Spring Semester, Jan. 21, students (not including WDC and CCP students) have registered for a total of 54,983 credit hours-- up 3.2% compared to the total for the 14th day of Spring Semester 2019.

The "census date"-- when the College reports enrollment information to the State-- is the 14th class day of each semester.

  • As of Jan. 21, the total number of enrolled students (non-WDC/CCP) for Spring 2020 was 6,278-- only 1.1% below the Spring 2019 census date total headcount (non-WDC/CCP) of 6,350.
  • As of Jan. 21, the CCP (College Credit Plus) enrollment total for Spring 2020 was 2,192, compared to the Spring 2019 census date CCP total headcount of 1,803-- an increase of 21.6%.
  • The Jan. 21 total headcount for Spring 2020 of 8,470 was 3.8% higher than the census date total headcount in Spring 2019.

Total credit hours (non-WDC/CCP) would need to reach 59,365 by the census date to achieve the first benchmark for "Success Incentives Compensation" provisions contained in several Cincinnati State employee union contracts.

Then, three additional benchmarks would need to be achieved also, related to student persistence, credit completion rate, and average credit hours earned.

Detailed reports on College enrollment are available on the College intranet. During registration periods, reports are updated on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (on days the College is open).

To find enrollment reports on the intranet, go to Institutional Research Reports > Enrollment Dashboards > Weekly Dashboards > Spring 2020 Weekly Dashboards.

The Dashboard files use Tableau Reader software, so you'll need to download Tableau Reader to open and view the Dashboard files.

Instructions for downloading and using Tableau are available in the Institutional Research Reports > Enrollment Dashboards folder on the intranet.

Turn in your Story Quilt square by Jan. 24

If you didn't already turn in your square for the Cincinnati State Story Quilt, remember that quilt squares must be delivered to Abbey Yee (in the CIT/EIT Office, Main 210) no later than Friday, Jan. 24.

You can reach Abbey at or 569-1741.

The finished quilt will be on display during the 50th Anniversary Alumni Weekend, May 15 and 16, 2020, and will show off a unique "patchwork of experiences" to celebrate the College's 50 years of success.

Information about quilt specifications is available in this Daily News article from Sep. 2019.

Free Coffee Friday begins this week

Free Coffee Friday resumes this Friday, Jan. 24, with conversation leader Kim McMillan, Associate Dean of the Engineering & Information Technologies Division (also known as the Center for Innovative Technologies).

All Free Coffee Friday conversations take place from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. in the area adjacent to Bakery Hill, on the second floor of the ATLC.

Students as well as College employees are invited to join each week's administrative facilitator for informal information-sharing, questions, and/or feedback about College activities and operations.

A free small coffee or hot tea will be provided for each participant.

The full list of conversation leaders for Spring Semester will be provided in Friday's edition of Daily News.

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