MondayMarch 11, 2019

Work group will recommend new uses for Main First Floor spaces

The Creative Concept Work Group (CCWG) is a temporary team convened to quickly generate proposals for re-purposing vacated spaces on the first floor of the Main Building.

These spaces include:

  • Admissions Office (Main 181)
  • Advising Center (Main 168)
  • Financial Aid Office (Main 155)
  • Former Marketing Office (Main 165, across from Library)
  • Registrar’s Office (Main 161)
  • Presentation Center/Conference Room (Main 180)
  • CState Accelerate Office (Main 184, near Human Resources)

Timeline & Goal:

  • The CCWG is asked to provide initial concepts to the Facilities Advisory Team for feedback and refinement at a meeting scheduled for Apr. 2, 2019.
  • The target date for final recommendations to President Posey and the College Executive Team is May 1, 2019.

Final recommendations should offer realistic and financially-viable proposals for re-purposing the first floor of Main Building in ways that will enhance student experience and help drive enrollment.

In addition, proposals for re-purposing of Main first floor should not detract from strategic investments recently completed in the ATLC, including the Welcome Center and reloacted offices for Registrar/Financial Aid, Cashier & Parking, Career Center, and Transfer Center.

(Scroll to the bottom of this article to learn how you can share your ideas with the CCWG.)


Members of the CCWG should exercise creativity in generating ideas, while also taking into account the following considerations:

  • Several spaces on Main first floor have been refurbished recently, and are in good-to-excellent condition “as is.”
  • Currently, no funding source is identified to make improvements that might be needed in some spaces.
  • The College has been allocated Capital Projects funding from the state of Ohio for 2019-2020 to renovate the divisional offices for BTD, CIT, and H&S.
  • In Fall 2019, the College will prepare a request for 2021-2022 Ohio Capital Projects funding. However, those funds would not be available until August 2020.
  • Services currently located on Main first floor that could be considered for possible relocation/re-purposing include Finance, Payroll, Human Resources, the International Student Office, the Veteran Student Office, and the vending areas.
  • Services on Main first floor that are not currently eligible for relocation are the Library, the Testing Center, the Disability Services Office, the Gym, and the Fitness Center (Main lower level). Proposals for new uses of Main first floor space should consider activities that would be complementary to the services that cannot be moved.

CCWG members are:

  • Academic Divisions (reps appointed by Faculty Senate): George Armstrong (CIT), Candice Jones (BTD), Mindy Piles (HPS), Stephanie Stafford (H&S)
  • Executive Team: Lawra Baumann, Soni Hill, Elliott Ruther
  • Facilities Advisory Team: Kim Vasko
  • Facilities Dept: Christine Barrow
  • Library: Cindy Sefton
  • Public Safety: Mike Wylie
  • SEIU: Carla Jordan, Ruth Miller, Stacy White
  • Student Rep: Stephen Perry


All members of the College community are encouraged to contribute ideas for reconfigured use of Main first floor spaces.

Any student or employee with suggestions or concerns to share with the CCWG should use this eform:

Summer registration is open (Fall registration starts Apr. 1)

Priority Registration for Summer Semester 2019 classes opened today, Mar. 11.

Priority registration is for students who are seeking a degree or certificate.

Open Registration for Summer Semester begins Monday, Mar. 18. All students, including non-degree-seeking, can register starting on this date.

Registration for Fall Semester 2019 classes begins in April:

  • Fall Priority Registration starts Monday, Apr. 1 (no foolin’)
  • Fall Open Registration starts Monday, Apr. 8

Students received email notification of the registration dates for Summer and Fall; however, all those who interact with students are encouraged to include registration reminders in your communications.

CState student is ELL Foundation "student of the year"

CState students celebrating scholarships awarded by the ELL Foundation included (from left ): Yendi Tembely, Nyerehwro Eyeregba, Laurette Kameni, Abigael Timothy, Judith Kafando Lompo, Aya Hijji, Natmetha Santaweesuk, and Sokhna Diop.

Cincinnati State student Laurette P. Kameni, from Cameroon (3rd from left in photo), was recognized as the “2019 College Student of the Year” during the annual Recognition Breakfast held by the English Language Learning Foundation (ELL Foundation) on Feb. 21 at Northern Kentucky University.

Professor Rosa-Maria Moreno, who serves on the ELL Foundation Board of Directors, said the Student of the Year is determined by evaluating academic achievements and community service, as well as student application essays and letters of references.

Laurette is the first Cincinnati State student to earn the ELL Foundation's Student of the Year award.

Three years ago, the Foundation started a scholarship in memory of Cincinnati State Professor Andrea Cheng. This year’s Cheng Scholarship recipient was CState student Mels Mbuyi, from Congo. Andrea’s mother, Mary Kartal, and her sister, Annette DiGirolamo, attended the recognition event.

In addition to Laurette and Mels, other Cincinnati State students who received scholarships included:

  • Sokhna Diop (Senegal)
  • Nyerehwro E. Eyeregba (Nigeria)
  • Aya Hijji (Palestine)
  • Judith Kafando Lompo (Burkina Faso)
  • Natmetha Santaweesuk (Thailand)
  • Yendi Tembely (Mali)
  • Abigael Timothy (Nigeria)                
  • Iang Tin Tial (Myanmar)

The ELL Foundation was established in 2006 to provide opportunities to English learners in the Cincinnati area who wish to continue their higher education at accredited colleges and universities. A few area high school students are eligible for scholarships also.

In 11 years the Foundation has awarded over $140,000 in scholarships to Cincinnati-area students, in amounts ranging from $500 to $2,000 each.

Faculty member Maggie Oliveira (English as a Second Language Chair) serves on the Foundation Board of Directors along with Professor Moreno (Foreign Languages Chair).

Other College personnel who attended this year's Recognition Breakfast were Dean Geoffrey Woolf, Chief of Advancement Elliott Ruther, Dean Geoffrey Woolf, faculty members Larry Feist and Samuel Rowe, and staff members Sandra Dees and Sarah Leggesse.

Tableau Reader users must update your software

The Cincinnati State Office of Institutional Research uses Tableau software to create "workbooks" with College data on Enrollment, Programs, KPI Targets, Survey Results, and more.

  • Employees who wish to view and manipulate the interactive workbooks must have a copy of Tableau Reader downloaded to your computer.
  • Occasionally, Tableau updates their software to provide new features. Tableau Reader Version 2019.1 was released recently.

College users of Tableau workbooks must download the new version of Tableau Reader to continue accessing workbooks prepared by Institutional Research.

Users have two options to download the new version:

(Click here to download a printable copy of the instructions)

OPTION ONE: Go to the Tableau Reader Web Page

  1. Click this link to reach the page shown below.
  2. Click “Download Now” (circled in red on the screenshot) and follow the directions that appear on-screen.

OPTION TWO: Follow the Prompt in your current version of Tableau Reader

  1. Open Tableau Reader or a Tableau workbook you have already downloaded to your computer.
  2. In the lower right corner of the Tableau screen, you’ll see the prompt “Upgrade to 2019.1 Now” (circled in black on the screenshot below).

  3. Click the prompt, which will take you to the web page shown in Option One.  

Faculty: Look for Starfish Progress Surveys

Starfish Early Alert Progress Surveys for the ninth week of full-semester (15-week) courses are available to faculty starting today, Mar. 11.

Your survey responses help monitor and assist the academic progress of students in specified classes and student support programs.

Faculty members receive an email message to let you know if you need to complete Progress Surveys for your students.

The online Progress Surveys are available in the Starfish tab of Blackboard, and need to be completed by Wednesday, Mar. 20. (Note that this date is during Spring Break week.)

If you have questions about using Starfish, please send a message to

Weight Watchers at Work has special offer for wellness-seekers

Cincinnati State's "Weight Watchers at Work" group-- in its 7th continuous year of operation at the College, and going strong-- is eager to provide motivation to other employees for healthy lifestyle changes.

Group member Jackie Norton said the local WW at Work is happy to offer support, momentum, and accountability, "especally if you're feeling like you've broken your January resolutions and want to get get back on track before shorts-and-swimsuits season returns."

Weight Watchers has re-branded as "WW" to incorporate all forms of wellness-- so you can think of the Cincinnati State group as "Wellness at Work."

Jackie said WW at Work is a convenient way to commit to making healthy changes, since the program " already here where you are!"

  • The WW group meets every Tuesday at 1 p.m., in ATLC 404. Anyone who is interested in learning more can join the group at a weekly meeting, at no cost.
  • Those who join by Friday, Mar. 15, are eligible for a free "Join the Journey Kit" including a tote bag, stainless steel water bottle, resistance band, cookbooks, and other tools. More information is available at the meeting on Mar. 12.
  • The "Monthly Pass" membership includes online tools such as recipes and cooking advice, live workshops, online coaches, and workout and lifestyle videos.

The WW points system approach to healthy eating includes many "zero points" foods, such as lean proteins and legumes as well as fruits and vegetables.

Jackie said the new "Freestyle" program, with numerous zero points foods, makes it easier to make healthy choices while on the go.

She also noted that the WW philosophy is a holistic approach that includes tracking eating and activity, but also addresses mental and behavioral aspects of changing your lifestyle.

Two members of the Cincinnati State group (including Jackie) have lost more than 100 pounds with the WW program. Also, "lifetime" members no longer have to pay fees.

If you have questions or would like additional information, contact Jackie (

Changes to service hours during Spring Break? Let DN know.

If your campus office/service will modify your hours of operation during Spring Break week (Mar. 18 to Mar. 24), when classes are not in session, please send the revised hours to Daily News ( this week.

Thanks for your assistance in keeping our readers well informed.

(Photo below by Janet Mitchell; ATLC exterior in Spring 2017.)

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