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MondayJune 18, 2018

ATLC renovation projects begin, Transfer Center moves, Employee Dining Room closes

Starting this week, the first phase of several Clifton Campus construction and renovation projects begins in the ATLC.

When all projects have been completed (by October 2018) changes will include a new Welcome Center in the former bookstore area on the ATLC lower level, as well as new locations and/or renovations for the Transfer Center, the Career Center, and several College departments that serve new and continuing students.

The construction and renovation activities will affect portions of the lower level and first and second floors of the ATLC throughout the summer and early fall.

Signs will be posted to let you know where construction/renovation work is taking place. A "map" of the complete set of projects will be published in Daily News soon.

Initial activities involve shutting down mechanical, electrical, and plumbing operations in the areas that will be renovated.

Portions of the ATLC first floor affected immediately include:

  • The Employee Dining Room (adjacent to the Overlook Cafe) is now closed. Opportunities will be provided for employee input about establishing a comparable dining space in the future.
  • The Point Room is no longer available for meetings or events.
  • The Transfer Center currently located in ATLC 105, near the Overlook, is temporarily moving to Main 168 (formerly the Advising Center), starting June 25.
    • The Transfer Center is open in its current space on June 18, 19, 20, and 21, but closed June 22.
    • The Transfer Center will reopen in Main 168 on Monday, June 25.
    • The Transfer Center will move to its permanent location in the ATLC in fall.

On the ATLC second floor, areas affected by the renovation include the "bookstore annex" room (ATLC 215) and two classrooms adjacent to Bakery Hill.

All of the construction/renovation work is funded through State of Ohio Capital Fund allocations.

Air Quality updates available online

An Air Quality Advisory is in effect today, June 18, from noon until 8 p.m. The advisory might continue into other days this week.

If you're concerned about the quality (or lack of quality) of the air outside, Cincinnati State's Environmental Engineering Technology students and faculty members remind you that accurate and detailed air quality information is available every day at Air Quality Advisory, a service of the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency.

The Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency (which employs CState interns and graduates) uses seven ozone monitors-- located throughout Butler, Clermont, Hamilton, and Warren counties-- to collect air quality data 24 hours a day.

On Air Quality Advisory days, you can help reduce ozone formation by taking these actions:

  • When possible, take the bus, carpool, bike, or walk instead of driving.
  • Refuel your vehicle after 8 p.m., do not top off when refueling, and tighten the gas cap.
  • Do not idle your vehicle; exhaust contributes considerably to ozone formation.
  • Combine trips or eliminate unnecessary vehicle trips.
  • Keep your vehicle maintained with properly inflated tires and timely oil changes.
  • Avoid use of gasoline-powered lawn equipment on Air Quality Advisory days.
  • Avoid use of oil-based paints and stains on Air Quality Advisory days.
  • Never burn leaves or other yard trimmings.
  • Suspend use of fire pits, campfires and charcoal grills on Air Quality Advisory days.
  • Conserve electricity by turning out lights and unplugging unused appliances and electronics.

To learn more about local air quality and how the Air Quality Agency does its work, visit SouthwestOhioAir.org.

Cooling Tower construction provided cool views

A portion of the cooling tower sails over Clifton Campus on June 13. (Photo by Tony Waite, taken from Main Bldg 3rd floor)

About 100 College employees and students enjoyed the "Cooling Tower Cool Down" on June 13.

The party-- seen in photos below-- offered drinks and snacks (including snow cones) as well as fascinating views of the old and new cooling units flying (slowly) through the sky, with assistance from the 90-ton crane.

If you missed the show:

The final phases of installation and testing of the new cooling unit continue this week. Some Lot D parking spaces, behind the Main Building, will be unavailable while the installation crew completes project work.

  • Dr. Posey and Terri Reynolds celebrated with snow cones

  • New cooling unit (left) begins its ascent, while the old unit waits to depart on the flatbed truck

  • Students and staff members paused the party to watch the crane

  • Dr. Lawra Baumann donned appropriate gear to supervise the project (cooling unit installation project, not snow cone assembly)