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ThursdayOctober 8, 2015

Occupational Therapy Students Marry Tomorrow!

Two Occupational Therapy students,  Caleb Miller and Sara Ucker met in their OTA 100 Intro to Occupational Therapy course during their first semester and wil be married tomorrow!  Daily News Student Writer Jeanna Dettone (who is also recently engaged) sat down with the Bride to get the happy details.

Q: What made you choose Cincinnati State?

A: I heard about the Occupational Therapy program, after applying and being accepted to Ohio State but I realized I could save time and money by attending Cincinnati State, also my dad is part of the Mechanical Engineering Technology faculty at Cincinnati State, so I get a discount and save even more money.

 Q; How did you and Caleb first start talking?

A: In 2013 I had to take a biology class. While waiting in the hall for class to start, I overheard Caleb talking to someone else about an Occupational Therapy class he had to take and I yelled, “Hey me too!” (She considers herself more outgoing while Caleb to be more on the shy side.) Caleb said “Oh cool.” I gave him my number and said maybe we can be study buddies.  After having night classes together and talking he began walking me to mycar he would shake my hand and tell me to have a good night. I didn’t realize how strong my feelings for Caleb were until I saw him talking to another girl more and felt a little jealous. Originally I wasn’t interested in dating; I wanted to make education my top priority, and was concerned it would be awkward being with Caleb in all of the same classes if things didn’t work out but my friend (who will be Maid of Honor tomorrow) convinced me to go for it, and we began dating.

 Q: Have you had many classes together since you met?

A: We’ve had all of our classes together! It’s been awesome!

Q: What was it like planning a wedding while attending classes?

A: We got engaged in June. I didn’t want to have a drawn out engagement. It was stressful but we've had plenty of help and support from our church that we’re actively involved in while taking classes and working. We didn’t even have to search for a venue, we are getting married in the church.

 Q: Do you plan on transferring to a four-year university?

A: I will work part time as an Occupational Therapy Assistant while staying at home with our family. Caleb would like to pursue a Master’s Degree.

 Q: What do you think it will be like being married and working in the same field as each other? 

A: It will be great and so much fun. I’m excited! We don’t plan on working in the same building as each other because we picked different fields within Occupational Therapy, I’ll be working in Psych while Caleb will be working in Geriatric but we’ll get to talk to each other about how to help our clients and share ideas all while understanding exactly what the other person is talking about.

 Q: Any other information you would like to share with us?

A: It’s been very beneficial having each other to help get through the program. The teachers can be tough and intimidating at first but they are extremely supportive and a lot of help.

 Q: So is it too soon to start calling Cincinnati State the next Tinder?

A: Hahaha! It’s much better! You get to meet people and interact face to face!


Cincinnati State Will Observe a Moment of Silence Today at 2:00 pm

Cincinnati State will take part in a national moment of silence today at 2:00 p.m. in honor of the victims of the shooting at Umpqua Community College.  Cincinnati State is a member of the American Association of Community Colleges, who will be observing a moment of silence to show solidarity and support for our friends and colleagues who are working tirelessly to pick up the pieces on the UCC campus. We want them to know that we stand with all of them as they begin the process of healing their campus community.  Please join us and plan accordingly to include this observance as a part of your day.

Surge Volleyball Breezes to 15th Win, Looking Forward to Pink Out this Weekend


Cincinnati State's women's volleyball team continued its successful roll with a three-game win at Edison on Wednesday.

 The Surge won the match by scores of 25-19, 25-23 and 25-18 to improve to 15-8.  The win was the team's eighth in their last nine outings--the lone loss at the hands of No. 1 Parkland.

 Cincinnati State is in third place in the Ohio Community Conference Athletic Conference with a 6-3 league record.  The team hosts the Pinkout Classic on Friday and Saturday. 

This weekend’s Pink-Out Classic, creating awareness and donations for breast cancer research, will feature five teams playing a total of 8 matches, beginning at 3 p.m. on Friday, in the Main Gym.


Women's Basketball Begins Preseason Play with New Rules

Cincinnati State will get its first taste of competition and the new rules changes for women's college basketball when hosting Miami Middletown on Tonight at 7 p.m. 

 The contest will be the first under the new rules adopted by the NCAA and NJCAA.  The most significant of these is the change in timing, from two 20-minute halves to four 10-minute quarters.  It is believed that the change will enhance the flow of the game.

 As part of the change, the rule regarding the bonus free throw was altered.  Now teams will shoot two free throws on the fifth team foul of each quarter.  Team fouls reset to zero after each period except overtime periods.

 In women's college basketball, teams may put the ball into play at half court immediately following a timeout in the final 59 seconds of the fourth quarter and in overtime periods, much like the NBA rule.

 Tweaks were made to the 10-second backcourt rule, calling for no reset of the count in certain situations, and the post defense rule now permitting a defender to place a forearm or open hand on a defender.


Office of Admission Visits Oak Hills High School

Admissions representatives Regina Poole and Kevin Wesselman visited Oak Hills High School Tuesday evening.  Oak Hills is the number one feeder High School for Cincinnati State. 

Below are the top 20 high schools for 2015 HS grads who are first time, degree-seeking in Fall 2015 (or first time in summer and returned in fall).

High School

Count of Students

Oak Hills High School


Colerain Senior High School


Elder High School




William Harrison High School


La Salle High School


Winton Woods Schools


Lakota East High School


Lakota West High School


Middletown High School


Taylor High School


Roger Bacon High School


Northwest High School


Hamilton Senior High School


Fairfield Senior High School


Norwood High School


Princeton High School


East Central High School


Finneytown High School


Milford High School



Melissa Leslie of the Registrar's Office delivers healthy Baby Boy!

Baby Nolan Leslie has arrived.  After 17 hours of labor he wasn't moving down so they did a c-section. Melissa and baby Nolan did great. He was born at 7:08 pm on October 7 and weighs 8lbs 5ozs.

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