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MondayJune 27, 2016

CState Accelerate Student Spotlight

CState Accelerate would like to highlight one of their student participants who exemplifies the drive and dedication necessary to complete the mission of the program.  This week we are introduced to current student Daniel Smith.

A Pre-Business Administration major, Daniel has taken the old adage, each journey begins with a single step to heart. Every school day begins with the knowledge that there are roughly 12,000 steps between himself and Cincinnati State, and in case you missed it, that’s 12 miles!!! With backpack in tow, Daniel knows that each stride takes him closer to Cincinnati State, a place he explains, “…feels more like home.”

The journey to Cincinnati State hasn’t been a straight and narrow one; there have been periods of homelessness, family members who’ve passed away, and unemployment. Despite all of life’s hurdles, Daniel has done an excellent job of utilizing the college’s resources, such as the CState Accelerate program along with a work-study position with the Distribution Center.    

“As educators, we hope to inspire students to strive to achieve goals and make a difference in the world.  However, Daniel is just the opposite.  His determination and tenacity in overcoming personal challenges, in the pursuit of education, inspires us to make sure he has the resources and support needed to succeed.   Daniel Smith is a shining example of why Cincinnati State is a dream factory for so many students and we are very proud him, expresses CState Accelerate Director, Katrina Rugless.

Between course work, work-study, and CState Accelerate meetings with his academic coach, Daniel still manages to remain in good academic standing with a 2.8 cumulative GPA.  When asked about the future Daniel plans to improve his health, which he’s already down 95lbs since last year, and he is dedicated to exceling in his classes. His future educational plans include transferring to the University of Cincinnati after completion of his associate degree. 

The future looks bright for Daniel Smith, a dedicated and hard-working Cincinnati State student.

‘15-‘16 Athletic Director of the Year is…

Tom Hathaway has just been named the Ohio Community College Athletic Conference (OCCAC) Athletic Director of the Year, at a recent athletic directors’ summer meeting.

According to an OCCAC press release, this is Tom Hathaway’s second award in the last four years, also achieving this monumental status for the 2013-2014 athletic seasons.

Tom Hathaway, who is currently in his fourth year as athletic director at Cincinnati State, will retire June 30, after dedicating 43 years to athletic administration. This award gives great meaning to the phrase, going out with style.

Under Tom’s directorship, the Cincinnati State women's volleyball team advanced to the semifinals of the district tournament, the women's basketball team finished just one basket away from a district championship, the men's soccer team won the OCCAC championship and advanced to the regional semifinals, the men's golf team finished as the Region XII runner-up and the women's soccer team was also the Region XII runner-up.

In addition to his role at Cincinnati State, Tom serves as the assistant commissioner of the OCCAC, where he restructured the Ethics and Sportsmanship Committee, in the conference, to address concerns in that area and has worked to expand OCCAC membership. Furthermore, he served on the Organization Redesign ad hoc committee of the NJCAA. 

Academically, Cincinnati State's student-athletes had a composite 2.51 GPA and a completion rate of 80 percent this year, with 37 percent of them having GPAs of 3.00 or better for the year and 18 of their 24 sophomores graduated with their associate's degree.

As mentioned, Tom has dedicated 43 years of service in a variety of athletic administration roles. Prior to Cincinnati State, he spent 27 years as assistant athletic director at the University of Cincinnati, where he was responsible for sports communication and served in various administrative roles. He also spent time as the athletic director at Miamisburg High School, where he supervised more than $1.2 million in improvement projects to the school's athletic facilities and developed a long-range plan for the development of sports programs and facilities. He began his career as the assistant commissioner of the Ohio Athletic Conference after graduating from the College of Wooster.

When you see Tom Hathaway around campus, be sure to congratulate him on this great achievement.

Professional Development from Office of Online Learning for the Week of 6/27

Here’s the lineup of online training sessions for the week of June 27:

  • Blackboard Open Lab;

     Tuesday, June 28, 2016; 2-4 pm (Main 347)

  • Web Tools for Content Creation and Student Engagement;

     Thursday, June 30, 2016; 2-4 pm (Main 347)

To register to attend either session, please contact Dr. Jon P. McKamey, Instructional Designer at 569-1696, or by email at jon.mckamey@cincinnatistate.edu.

Full session details can be found on the CSTATE Online webpage. Here is the link to the PDF.

Week of June 20 Enrollment Totals

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 for the 2016 FALL Semester.

Headcount                     3,157          

Credit Hours                28,757

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 for the 2016 Summer Semester.

Headcount                     5,712

Credit Hours                41,137

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 for the 2016 FALL Semester.

Headcount                     3,214          

Credit Hours                29,260

Thursday, June 23, 2016 for the 2016 FALL Semester.

Headcount                     3,256          

Credit Hours                29,637  

Friday, June 24, 2016 for the 2016 FALL Semester.

Headcount                     3,311      

Credit Hours                30,125

Enrollment totals for today

Monday, June 27, 2016 for the 2016 FALL Semester.

Headcount                     3,336          

Credit Hours                30,314                               

Accuplacer replaces Compass placement testing

Monday June 20th marked the official date that Cincinnati State began offering and accepting test scores from the ACCUPLACER placement test over COMPASS, for admission purposes. The decision to transition from COMPASS to ACCUPLACER was necessary due in part to the eventual phasing out of the COMPASS test, industry-wide, which had been used as a higher education testing standard that evaluated student aptitude for college-level learning.

The COMPASS Alternative Committee, comprised of Cincinnati State faculty and staff, evaluated several assessment options, and ultimately recommended the ACCUPLACER test to the Executive Team. The committee concluded that ACCUPLACER is comprised of the desired features that will best evaluate students, and is the only placement test recognized by the Ohio Department of Higher Education for determining foundational courses.  

Several Cincinnati State faculty worked to construct an appropriate scoring system for student course placement in foundational math, English and English as a Second Language.   

Click here to view a chart that explains how placement scores for ACCUPLACER will function.

Board of Trustees Meeting, June 28

The Board of Trustees are scheduled to meet in regular session at 3:45 p.m. Tuesday, June 28, 2016.  The meeting will be held in the Conference Center, Rooms 344-346 in the Main Building on the main campus at 3520 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45223. 

Here is the agenda for the meeting:


16.54    Approval of the Proceedings of the Regular Meeting of May 24, 2016 and Special

                       *Meetings of June 8, 2016 and June 13, 2016

16.55    Consideration of Items for Possible Addition to Agenda

16.56    Recognition for Outstanding Accomplishments

                        *AAUP – Marilyn Sternberg Award – Pam Ecker  

                        *Campus Super Star - Ebony Mason                                                                                                                                   

16.57   Consent Agenda for Recurring Items

  1. Personnel Report
  2. Facilities Report
  3. Environmental and Public Safety Department–Monthly Incident Reports
  4. Co-op Report

16.58    Completion Plan

16.59    Financial Report

16.60    FY17 Budget

16.61    Student Activities

16.62    Faculty Senate Report

16.63    President’s Report

16.64    Chairperson’s Report and Trustee Association Report                                                                                                                              


Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 26, 2016 3:45 p.m., Conference Center, Clifton Campus 

Cincinnati State Alex Ebel Wins the Met

After two solid years of playing for the Surge under golf coach Scott Webb, Alex Ebel’s hard work has paid off. Ebel won the Tony Blom Metropolitan Amateur championship golf tournament this past weekend. In his two years at Cincinnati State, Ebel was named NJCAA Region XII Division III All-Region Team in 2014 and 2015, and was named NJCAA Division III Honorable Mention All-American in 2015. It was a memorable moment for both Ebel and his father, Pete Ebel, who has been in more than two dozen Met tournaments and won the Senior Met in 2012. Congratulations to Cincinnati State alumni, Alex Ebel on his success.

Cincinnati State Men’s Basketball Team Show Their Support to the Friars Club

Cincinnati State basketball coach, Andre Tate, and Surge players Grover Anderson, Isaiah Bostic and Marlin Kordrostami visited the Friars Club this past week. Each spoke to the children about life experiences and hard work. Coach Tate explained how hard work is needed not only on the court, but also in the classroom, and that you should give 110% effort in anything you do. He stressed that making the right choices and showing responsibility and leadership will keep a person on track to succeed. After speaking to the children, the players and went through drills with them that Cincinnati State runs in their practices.

The Friars Club is a youth organization for boys and girls ages 5-17, that uses organized sports, activity, nutrition and fitness to help children establish the positive values of respect, responsibility, leadership and good sportsmanship. The Club’s goal is to build healthy bodies, minds and spirits by bolstering self-esteem and self-discipline, while reinforcing positive behavior and addressing nutritional needs.

  • Coach Tate speaks with a group of children

College catalog for 2016-17 is now online

The 2016-17 edition of the College Catalog can now be viewed online here

If the 2015-16 catalog is still viewable, then try refreshing the internet browser. If there are particular pages of the catalog frequently visited on your PC (for instance, the page with a program’s curriculum), also refresh those pages. Click here for a quick visual guide.

If any errors are found in the new catalog, please send a message to Pam Ecker via email, at ps.ecker@cincinnatistate.edu.

The PDF version of the 2016-17 catalog will be added to the catalog website in a few days and can be downloaded by clicking the “Print Options” link in the grey bar that appears at the top of each catalog page. Be aware, however, that the initial PDF version of the catalog will be very large (over 600 pages). A revised version of the PDF with a more user-friendly layout and fewer pages will be available later this summer.

Catalog-related Information on the College’s public website is not yet updated. On this page, the link “Interactive Catalog” will go to the 2016-17 catalog website—but may require a browser refresh. 

Other College website updates—including 2016-17 information for all academic programs—will appear when the new College public website launches. The website revision process is being managed by Pearson, and is expected to be completed in September. 

For now, on the College website the “curriculum” tab for each academic program does link to the 2016-17 curriculum. Exceptions are new programs not yet added to the College website, and programs that are deactivated effective Fall 2016. The curriculum links for deactivated programs go either to the catalog page where the deactivated program used to be located, or to a “Page not Found” message.

The production of the 2016-17 catalog was supervised by the Interim Provost, Robbin Hoopes. All future updates and changes to the College catalog will continue to be a responsibility of the Provost’s office. Provost Hoopes extends a thank you to several people who made the 16-17 catalog possible: APCC co-chairs Abbey Yee and Jen Martin, catalog content editor Pam Ecker, and “catalog data entry specialists” Julie Rohling and Tammy Smith, and to all who provided catalog content and updates.