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TuesdayJuly 28, 2015

College Information Session

If it's Tuesday morning, which it was at the time the photo above was taken, then this must be a College Information Session tour, which it was. Recruitment efforts for the 2015 Fall Semester are in full swing. Classes begin Aug. 24. 

Trustees will meet in regular session today

The Cincinnati State Board of Trustees will meet in regular session today (Tuesday, July 28) at 3:45 p.m. in the Conference Center. Here is the agenda for the meeting:

Call to order
Sunshine law compliance announcement
Roll call
Approval of the Proceedings of the Regular Meeting of June 23, 2015
Consideration of Items for Possible Addition to Agenda
Recognition for Outstanding Accomplishments

  • A/V Students
  • Overlook Staff

Consent Agenda for Recurring Items

  • Personnel Report
  • Facilities Report
  • Environmental and Public Safety Department–Monthly Incident Reports 
  • Co-op Report  

Financial Report
Student Activities
Faculty Senate Report
President’s Report

  • Middletown Update
  • PACE Survey report

Chairperson’s Report and Trustee Association Report
Old business
New business

Next Meeting: Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015, 3:45 p.m., Conference Center

CS student wins statewide scholarship

Cincinnati State student Keonte Alexander is one of two students statewide to win the Ohio Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges MATYC Rudy Sattler Memorial Scholarship.

The Rudy Sattler Memorial Scholarship is designated for outstanding developmental math students. Keonte was co-nominated by all of his former math instructors at Cincinnati State – Michael Schmitz, Lauren Graser, and Janet Schlaak.

“Keonte is a great example of a student who started out in developmental math and has successfully advanced to college level math,” Janet remarked. “He is working hard to achieve his goal of becoming a high school math teacher. I'm very proud of him.”

We have a hunch that sentiment is widely shared.