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FridayApril 16, 2021

Benefits Open Enrollment is Apr. 19 to Apr. 30

Health Benefits Open Enrollment for Cincinnati State employees begins Monday, Apr. 19, and continues until 5 p.m. on Friday, Apr. 30, 2021.

  • All benefit-eligible employees received email from HR Benefits Coordinator Grace Cuneo on Monday, Apr. 12, outlining the Open Enrollment process.
  • All Open Enrollment activities this year are being conducted in virtual format. The Open Enrollment Online Portal will open on Monday, Apr. 19.
  • You must complete the enrollment process even if you are not making changes to your coverage or if you are waiving benefits.
  • Choices you make during Open Enrollment go into effect on July 1, 2021.

The Human Resources folder on the College intranet contains 2021 Open Enrollment forms, information, and detailed plans

      • Select Human Resources > Benefits and Compensation > Benefit Communication Tools > 2021 Open Enrollment

Resources recommended for review before Open Enrollment starts include:

  • If you have other questions, send a message to HR@cincinnatistate.edu. HR staff members will review questions daily and respond as quickly as possible.

Important Dates: 

  • Monday, Apr. 19 – Benefit-eligible employees will receive an email message from the Human Resources Department with a link to the online enrollment portal provided by Sun Life, and information about how to use the portal.
    • Starting on this date, employees may begin enrolling for benefits, 24 hours a day.
  • Also starting Apr. 19, Benefit Consultants from Sun Life will be available by phone to assist with enrollment and answer questions.
  • Friday, Apr. 30, at 5 p.m. – All benefit-eligible employees must have completed enrollment, even if you are waiving all coverage or making no changes to your coverage.

ArtsWave Community Campaign for 2021 begins

ArtsWave is the Greater Cincinnati region's local arts agency and the nation's first and largest community campaign for the arts.

Cincinnati State's annual ArtsWave campaign started this week and continues until Friday, Apr. 23.

  • With the help of donors, ArtsWave provides funding and other resources to more than 125 arts and community organizations.
  • These organizations give more than 1 million individuals access to free or low-cost arts activities, and provide thousands of arts experiences each year for children across our region.
  • During the past year, as schools, workplaces, and more closed at the onset of the pandemic, ArtsWave-supported organizations provided a variety of programs and services to keep local neighborhoods healthy in mind, spirit, and even body.
  • Dr. Monica Posey serves as an ArtsWave Trustee.

Your contribution to ArtsWave helps create a ripple effect of community benefits, so please consider renewing a past gift or making a new gift to ArtsWave this year.

  • You can download the ArtsWave Pledge Card/Payroll Deduction Form and return it by email to Kim Taylor at kim.taylor@cincinnatistate.edu.
  • If you are writing a check, you can mail the check and your printed pledge form to Kim Taylor, Alumni and Development Affairs Manager, Cincinnati State, 3520 Central Parkway, ATLC 337, Cincinnati, OH 45223.
  • If you’re on Clifton Campus, you can drop off the printed pledge form (in an envelope marked “ArtsWave”) in the ATLC Room 352 door drop. (Please don’t take your ArtsWave form to the Payroll Office.)
  • If you prefer, you can donate online by credit card at Cincinnati State's ArtsWave portal: https://give.artswave.org/cstate/.

If you have questions, please contact Kim by email or by phone at 513-378-6314 (cell) or 513-569-1236 (office).

Common Time on Apr. 19 has two options

On Monday, Apr. 19, Common Time (3 to 4:30 p.m.) will offer two concurrent virtual sessions.

Employees are encouraged to join the session of most interest to you.

The Provost's Office is hosting "2020-21 Annual Academic Self-Studies: Patterns of Strengths & Opportunities"

  • The strength of the College is in the academic programs we offer. This session will review patterns of strengths in our degree programs and general education departments-- which are considerable-- as well as opportunities for improvement that were revealed in the analysis of all 2020-21 Academic Program and Department Self-Studies.
  • Each year, Cincinnati State faculty engage in self-study of their academic programs and departments, examing key components such as program outcomes like job placement and credential pass rates, along with advisory board input, assessment of how well students are learning key competencies, and other factors.
  • Each self-study is carefully reviewed by a team led by the Provost to provide individualized feedback to program and department chairs.

Zoom link: https://cincinnatistate-edu.zoom.us/j/86497937124?pwd=NXdNRjlNbDBzUkVVK1RVYTl0N0ZEQT09

  • Passcode: 938134

The Workforce Development Center is hosting a presentation by Dr. Rea Waldon on "Customer Service Training - Moving from Customer Service to Customer Experience"

"Customer service" has been a focus for interactions with students for many years. However, rather than viewing customer service as reactive-- as in solving a problem--  a new, proactive focus is on providing a positive customer experience. 

  • In this session, you'll learn about the difference between customer service and customer experience, and consider how each of us can contribute to the customer experience, regardless of the department you work in.

Zoom link: https://cincinnatistate-edu.zoom.us/j/82017556538?pwd=aVREZXAyUzdOVmtxZzJDNFJ5VGVTQT09

  • Passcode: 532560

CState Horticulture students competed in national landscape event

Several students in Cincinnati State's Landscape Horticulture program earned individual recognition in the 2021 National Collegiate Landscape Competition (NCLC), which took place online from Mar. 15 to 19.

Horticulture Program Chair Mark Deacon said 23 CState students took part in the virtual version of the NCLC, along with students from more than 30 other colleges and universities.

  • Team scores were not calculated during the 2021 virtual event, but individual student scores were ranked for each event.
  • Students also participated in a virtual career fair and online workshops on a variety of green industry topics.

The 2020 NCLC was cancelled when the country went into pandemic lockdown a few days before the annual event would have taken place.

Cincinnati State student achievements in the 2021 events included:

  • Ed Atkinson - 2nd in Woody Ornamental Plant Identification and 5th in Robotics & Technology
  • Hannah Fitz - 2nd in Interior Plant Identification and 9th in Flower & Foliage Identification
  • Paul Gessner - 7th in Exterior Landscape Design (photo above)
  • Dorothy Jolly - 2nd in Landscape Lighting and 4th in Construction Cost Estimating
  • Joani Means - in a three-way tie for 1st place for Business Management, and placed 3rd when time was used as the tie-breaker
  • Jack Marschall - 5th in Computer Aided Landscape Design (photo below)
  • Maria Pfirrman - 10th in Woody Plant Identification
  • Emily Semanovich - 8th in Flower & Foliage Identification

Other students participating were:

  • Nichole Banks
  • Troy Bowman
  • Lily Dean
  • Jenn Duncan
  • Ben Gressle
  • Morgan Halfhill
  • Kim Long
  • Anna Loschiavo
  • John McGuire
  • Joe O’Rourke
  • Nate Powell
  • Angie Rangel
  • Jack Schaefer
  • Holly Short
  • Madigan Smith

The next NCLC is scheduled for March of 2022 at North Carolina State University and is expected to include a full range of competitions, social events, and professional networking opportunities for students.

(Photos provided by Mark Deacon)

Surge Madness brackets winners collected prizes

Cincinnati State employees and alumni put their college basketball predicting prowess on the line during "Surge Madness," and the winners of the fabulous prizes are:

NCAA Men’s Bracket

  1. Nikki Howard – Pop-a-Shot Arcade Basketball Game
  2. Jeff Wright – Jeff Ruby $100 Gift Card
  3. Daniel Anderson - Esther Price 4-lb solid chocolate basketball and Skyline $25 Gift Card
  4. Zach Litton – 2 Amazon Gift Cards ($25 each)

NCAA Women’s Bracket

  1. Lisa Dyer – Fitbit Aria Air & Inspire Bluetooth smart scale and fitness tracker
  2. Jesse Brown - Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl and Whipped Cream Maker
  3. Danny Hinton – Cheesecake Factory $25 Gift Card

And for those whose brackets were busted by the likes of Wright State, Oral Roberts, Arizona, and Belmont... there's always next year.

Overlook specials of the week for Apr. 19-22

For the week of Apr. 19-22, the specials of the week from Kate's Catering at the Overlook include:

  • Wednesday, Apr. 21 - Build your own Nacho Bar - ($8)
  • Thursday, Apr. 22 - Blue Plate Special: All American Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Peas and Corn, and Buttermilk Biscuit ($10)
  • The Sandwich Special for the full week is BBQ Bacon Chicken Wrap with Ranch ($5)

The Overlook Cafe on Clifton Campus is open 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Monday through Thursday.